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Jason SavageMy name is Jason Savage, director of the Zoë Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to help save the tiger. We began our mission in 1985 in Charleston, SC. We incorporated in North Carolina in 2000 and filed for non-profit status with the IRS in 2005. Our EIN is 52-2234212.

I have participated in hundreds of races during my running career, some of them prestigious like the Boston Marathon, the New York Marathon, the Cooper River Bridge Run, and others. I was fortunate enough to have won my share of smaller road races where I got to enjoy the accolades that come with first place overall. You receive a special award and sometimes cash. It’s a feel good moment.

I envision the Run for the Tiger as more than a fundraiser for our programs. I want every participant to feel like the VIP’s they are with special awards and more. Are you just a little tired of bananas and water after your run? I’ve got that covered. How about a little fancier t-shirt? OK. Would you like more than a run, a bagel, and a thank you for your fundraising efforts? I hear you! Read on to see what the Run for the Tiger has to offer in return for your invaluable help and participation.   

A Guinness World Records Attempt*

Costumed Fun Run

Guinness Certificate


Official Guinness Certificate

The only way to get one of these is from Guinness. They ferociously guard their brand. Guinness will not permit me to make certificates with their logo.

Take part in this record establishing event and get an official certificate to commemorate your achievement.

Tiger CostumeThis is your opportunity to participate in a Guinness World Records attempt. We can establish a world record for the number of people in tiger suits. The guidelines about the exact format needs to come from Guinness. The application has been submitted. The minimum  number of participants has been set by Guinness at 250. You will get a tiger suit that you can keep.Medallion and gift box.

This is a fun run to celebrate reaching our fundraising goal and a new Guinness record. All participants completing the run, and that will surely be everyone, will receive a boxed, custom, 3" Run for the Tiger medallion with a display stand. These medallions are produced here in the USA by Medalcraft Mint out of Green Bay, WI. The tiger featured in the medallion is Tigra. The smaller Manx cat is Zoe. She inspired the foundation that bears her name, the Zoe Foundation. Her illustration is the foundation's logo.

In addition, you will be able to download a competitor commemorative that you can fill in on screen. Click on the commemorative below to view the full size fill in. Even though this is billed as a celebratory fun run, it will still be electronically timed so, if you desire, you can see how fast you can run a certified 5K in the tiger costume. Then record your finishing time on your commemorative. In addition, there will be FREE finish photos and a video of the event made available. Entertainment will be provided!

Sample Competitor Commemorative

All Over Shirts


I designed these to be a little above average. All over print shirts will be a part of your running package.

Shirt Size ChartClick graphic above to check size chart.


Manor at Carriage Farm


The Manor at Carriage Farm

An absolutely beautiful location for a 5K and celebration party. This farm is only fifteen minutes from downtown Raleigh.

The 5K course starts and ends at Carriage Farms. It's runs through a residential neighborhood and has no turn-arounds. We will provide a course map in your run package, which will be mailed to you.

Tigra's Habitat Construction Photo 58

I had the privilege to work with world renowned tiger expert, Zoologist, and my friend Dr. Michael Bleyman, who passed from cancer in 1996.

I am organizing the Run for the Tiger in honor of Michael. Net proceeds raised through your efforts as a VIP (Very Important Participant) for this event will be used to further four goals.

The number 1

Goal one. Focus awareness on the tiger's march toward extinction. There are fewer that 3,900 (figures vary) remaining in the wild. Habitat loss and poaching are taking away one of the earth's most beloved animals. A Guinness World Record judge will be present on site to certify our record. Guinness states that wherever their judges go, publicity follows. We can get a lot of eyes focused on the tiger's plight.


Tiger Poaching

The number 2

Goal two is the commission of a bronze bas-relief sculpture of Dr. Bleymen with two of his favorite tigers, Romeo and Mini. Dr. Bleyman dedicated his life to saving endangered species with a particular interest in the tiger. I believe his efforts should be honored and never forgotten. A location for the bas-relief will be decided at a later date. Miniatures will be made available to aid our fundraising efforts.

The number 3

Goal three is the establishment of the Dr. Michael Bleyman Save the Tiger Fellowship.

College seniors who intend to further their education in the field of conservation genetics or zoology will be invited to apply. Particular interest will be paid to students who can demonstrate how their pursuit will help save the tiger. A select committee will decide the recipient. The fellowship will be $10,000. We will announce the fellowship application via this Web site, social media, e-mail, and press releases.

 University of North Carolina

Tiger Preservation Initiatives

Number 4

Continue with our Tiger Preservation Initiatives™. (1) Funds raised will enable us to catalog generic tigers in private facilities, that could, if all else fails, be bred to preserve the species. DNA would be used to identify unrelated pairs. (2) Sponsorship of selected tiger rescues. Depending on available funds we would work with existing preserves in their effort to save tigers that are or were being kept in deplorable conditions. Tigra is a good example.(3) Identify in-situ programs that are benefitting wild tigers and help with their successful implementation.

You are the most important person in this endeavor. With your help we can reach these goals and help save the tiger before its too late. I have put together incentives for you and your personal sponsors. I hope the VIP incentives I put together will intrigue you enough to request an invitation to participate in this Guinness World Records attempt. The incentives for your personal sponsors should draw their attention and help you handily reach and surpass your fundraising goal.

This event is one you will undoubtedly remember for the rest of your life. Every time you look at your Survival at Risk or your commemorative medallion, you will remember this run and the tiger's fight for survival. We will have a videographer on site to record the experience. In addition, we will have a Guinness judge at the event to immediately verify our record. Help us make this fundraiser a monumental success and the best run ever!


Entrance into this fundraising event will be by invitation only. The Run for the Tiger will be limited to 300 participants, each pledging to raise a minimum of $1,000 from personal sponsors. Selections will be made based on a paragraph or two expressing your thoughts on saving the tiger and your desire to participate in this event.

You Can Do It!

Absolutely you can do it. To help your efforts, you will be able to create a personal fundraising page through ItsYourRace. We will provide details after run registration. We will direct you to the registration page after all participants are selected. Registration will be only $35. In addition, we have a Fundraising Suggestions page for your review.

To further help secure support for your participation in this event, I have put together the following incentives. Your sponsors will definitely want to come on board. Take a look.

(Personal sponsors are those individuals who make donations on your fundraising page which you will set up on ItsYourRace. You will not have to collect donations in the form of checks or cash. All donations will come through your personal fundraising page.)

Sponsorship Commemorative Set

A custom designed commemorative will be available for the four levels you see above. These are PDF files that can be personalized on screen and then printed by each sponsor. Click here to view a full size, Gold Sponsor fill in commemorative.

Bronze Sponsor

Sponsors donating a minimum of $10 will receive a bronze level commemorative.

Silver Sponsor

Sponsors donating a minimum of $15 will receive a silver level commemorative.

Gold Sponsor

Sponsors donating a minimum of $25 will receive a gold level commemorative. In addition, they will receive one entrance into our Personal Sponsors Only raffle.

Platinum Sponsor

Platinum sponsors are those who donate more than $25. They will receive a platinum level commemorative, and for each additional $25, they will receive another entrance into our Personal Sponsors Only raffle.


Personal Sponsors Only Raffle

Sponsors do not have to be present to win.

Viking River Cruise



First prize is a European Viking River Cruise. The prize includes airfare from Raleigh and payment of the federal income tax withholding. ($10,000 Value) The winner has the option of taking cash.

Charleston, SC



Second prize is a Charleston, SC vacation for two. The prize includes airfare from Raleigh and payment of the federal income tax withholding. ($3,350 Value) The winner has the option of taking cash.




Third prize is a Bahamas vacation for two. The prize includes airfare from Raleigh and payment of the federal income tax withholding. ($2,000 Value) The winner has the option of taking cash.

Ocracoke Print



Four - Fifty will receive a signed Ocracoke lithograph designed by yours truly, Jason Savage. The lithograph will be mailed to winners. ($35 Value)

For Fundraisers (Runners) Only!

Survival at Risk

Available exclusively through a Zoe Foundation fundraiser!

Carl sculpting SurvivalMr. Regutti puts the finishing touches on the tiger bas-relief sculpture Survival At Risk, the sculpture he designed for the Zoe Foundation’s fundraisers. Click images for enlargements.

Carl Regutti’s works-of-art are of international scope - collected in North America, Europe and Asia. Regutti was an extremely versatile sculptor with talents ranging from ultra-realism to abstract. He created art from monumental size to miniatures in classic bronze, pure silver, ceramics, stone, and polymerics such as bonded marble. Aristides at Churchill DownsHis prize winning sculptures range widely - wildlife, western & rodeo, equestrian, human portraiture, and corporate images. He has successfully created sculptural art projects and memorials costing $500,000. Mr. Regutti sculpted the life size bronze of Aristides, the winner of the first Kentucky Derby in 1875. The bronze resides in front of the historic clubhouse at Churchill Downs.

HEROISM & SACRIFICE - Remembering their dedication, Honoring their sacrifices by Carl W. Regutti was dedicated on May 6, 2006. Located in the center of historic Nash Square, Raleigh NC, the total Memorial is 50 feet diameter. The central sculpture "Heroism & Sacrifice" is comprised of four life-size bronze firefighters in a realistic action collapsed building fatal fire scene, uniquely the first time such has been created in a large prestigious memorial. One firefighter is dying, having been crushed by a fallen I-beam; a comrade is holding the fallen firefighter’s head and calling for help; another firefighter is struggling to lift off the heavy I-beam; and the fourth firefighter is using an attack hose to keep the fire away from the rest of the team.

Their realistic facial expressions add to the intense drama and impact of this unique Memorial. Designed for 360 degrees viewing, wherever a visitor stands, a face of at least one firefighter is always visible. The sculpture is also lighting engineered for night-time fire effects. Surrounding this central masterpiece sculpture is a brick wall with granite slabs on which is engraved the names of all North Carolina’s fallen firefighters, past, currently and will also have those fallen in future centuries... thus becoming a "living memorial". This special Memorial is a "team development" of many people, companies and organizations... and was approved unanimously by the prestigious State Historic Commission and has already been recognized nationwide.

My friend Carl Regutti passed away on April 30, 2013. You can read more about Carl at Freedom Memorials.

     Carl and Jason

Survival at Risk Resin Casts

Survival at Risk Trio

The original Survival at Risk is 12.5" high. Serra Designs out of Henderson, KY is going to produce a 6" high resin cast of the original. Fundraisers can receive one of these castings. A fundraiser raising the $1,000 minimum will receive a Bronze patina casting and one ticket placed into our special Fundraiser Only drawing jar. A fundraiser raising $1,250 - $1,499 will receive a Silver patina casting and two tickets placed into our special Fundraiser Only drawing jar. A fundraiser raising $1,500 - $2,999 will receive a Gold patina casting and three tickets placed into our special Fundraiser Only drawing jar.

A fundraiser raising $3,000 or more will receive a full size, real bronze Survival at Risk, valued at $2,100 and four tickets placed into our special Fundraiser Only drawing jar.

The only way anyone can receive one of these sculptures is through the Zoe Foundation. They will not be available through art galleries or stores.

Zaxby's Catering



Let's Celebrate!

Zaxby's will cater a post run luncheon. Refreshments will include beer, cider, soft drinks, and water. Raffle tickets will be drawn and special awards presented.

Runners Only Drawings

Charleston, SC


1st Prize: A drawing for a trip for two to Charleston, SC including airfare from Raleigh, NC and payment of the federal income tax withholding.($3,350 Value) The winner has the option of taking cash.




2nd & 3rd prizes: A Bahamas vacation for two. The prize includes airfare from Raleigh, NC and payment of the federal income tax withholding. ($2,000 Value) The winner has the option of taking cash.

Charleston Puzzle



4th - 25th prizes: Charleston Puzzle lithograph ($35 Value) designed by your truly, Jason Savage.

The drawings will continue for other donated prizes.


How fast can you raise $1,000

Additional Incentive from Registration Date

  • Raise $1,000 in four weeks and get 4 additional tickets in the Runners Only drawing jar!

Prizes for Top 3 Fundraisers

$500 - $350 - $150


Top Fundraising Team (4 People)

Dinner for 4 at the Second Empire Restaurant plus each member receives a framed laminated commemorative with your team photo.

Test the Waters

I invite you to help us raise awareness of the tiger's plight and reach our stated goals. The tiger is running out of time.

You know you would like to be a part of Guinness World Records! Contact potential personal sponsors and get the lay of the land. You can probably make a determination about your ability to raise the $1,000 minimum very quickly. Tell your potential sponsors about their opportunity to win one of fifty prizes! Direct your prospects to the Sponsor Incentives page. Remember, this event will be limited to 300 participants.

Unlike some fundraisers where participants can keep raising funds after the event, we are going to have a starting and ending date. From the start date, participants will have 90 days to reach the entrance requirement.

Here is an organizational timeline. Dates can change based on when we receive the guidelines from Guinness.

  • Selection of Participants. 300 selected before registration and other timelines implemented.
  • Participant Registration - $35 (After receiving guidelines from Guinness)
  • Dates selected for start and end of fundraising (90 days). Tentatively: August 1 - October 31, 2017
  • Run and post run celebration: Tentatively: Sunday, November 19, 2017

I was a competitive runner for over thirty years. I have a lot of great memories about specific events. I want to make this run a memorable one for you. You are the VIP's who will further our efforts to save the tiger. Within the past year I got an Achilles problem that has sidelined me, so I may not be able to run with you. If you would like to know more about my running, please visit Your Running Memories.

Invitation Form

Participation in this event is by invitation only. This is a fundraiser for the Zoe Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization working to help save the tiger before extinction. We don’t want to invite just anyone. We want passionate tiger lovers. Small cat lovers are welcome too.  And dog lovers as well. Only 300 people will be selected. Tell me in 300 words or less why you would like to participate in this inaugural Run for the Tiger. Are you confident you can raise $1,000 to make the run and help the Zoe Foundation focus awareness on the tiger's plight, honor Dr. Michael Bleyman, and set a new record? What are your thoughts on saving the tiger? Make your case for your invitation today!

Submit your invitation form ASAP! Only 300 participants will be selected.

Deadline for Submitting Invitation: July 31, 2017

Corporate/Business Sponsors

Silver Sponsor
Run for the Tiger is being produced by the Zoe Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. EIN: 52-2234212
*Registration will not be opened until we receive the guidelines for establishing a record from Guinness. Lindsay Doran of Guinness World Records North America recommended some options. One category is presently monitored, so establishing a record for that category should not be an issue. Two others I suggested are not. We now must wait for their approval (regarding the new categories) and guidelines. We encourage you to submit your invitation form now. We expect this run to fill up quickly! Once selected, you can begin lining up your sponsors before the registration date.